Leaf of hope

Deliverance is the sign of hope in a life

Noah believed and listened and he became of the humblest stewards, then by Gods divine, he floated on the fury of the hail storms, He was waiting to let the storms pass, then he sent out the dove to look out for the new earth in the wake of turmoil. The dove returned with a green leaf in her beak to show Noah a sign of life on earth.

Deliverance is the sign of peace in a life, that where there’s hope, there is a way and where there’s trust, the Dove shall always return with a leaf of hope



We have all waited for something to happen and no one stops and because hope gives, nothing happens, but only in time. Deliverance is the hope that gives.

When Noah’s dove brings the news of light, hope and salvation to my window… And each morning I look through the window, and I am waiting for that dove, then I am thinking about a story. I will write all I think of the earth, oceans, the light and day until such an hour when writing becomes instinct with passion.                                  

                 Inspiration kills             

In writing, to be inspired begets more recreational thoughts about life than boring. I hardly waste anymore beautiful thoughts since I was born. Inspiration kills me with my naivety and blind spots to resurrect with new passions. Then I want to transform the power of inspiration into a story that can define what my world is.

So no fortune is nearing to the amazing gifts of life but the road to discover your true self in real form and not in mystery.

Edited in Lumia Selfie


Nsimamukama creative non fiction writer, poet and author of leaf of hope click on your right hand corner and follow, let me share with you the art of literary adventure.



The excerpts herein lead to the final publication projected in my anthology, note that they are constantly being updated.



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