Everyday in silence you have something to ponder, remember, fantasize…

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About me

Nsimamukama Mathew                                                                           a literary enthusiast-with a bias in creative nonfiction short stories, medical literature and poetry

Wont…The madness of a writer is when they are possessed by their magical thoughts, their addictions, and later their terrible wont of “Halt and Scribe”, fascinating though, often make them write  incredible and yet controversial literature , that little wonder fellow writers are the likely best to comprehension.

Deliverance is my tagline- the message of hope that gets               6a00d83462eb8d69e2010535e4cfce970b-250wi                                               stuck hard in my mind after remembering Noah’s raven and its weakedness -greed and lust for the earth! And how the dove’s loyalty, secures the master’s royalty-a difference that marked an indelible spirit in me.

Hope…And what was disturbing me the night I dreamt so much, was a sleepless one of great dreams. Those great dreams that I have lost in my sleep are the beckoning angels that I never touch. You want to be there but you cant reach. You want to be like…, you want to live like…, you want to be that in that dream. Deliverance is like the greatest hope of man kind. Locked in fear and hopelessness,but hoping one day, through your window a white dove will deliver a green leaf.

Principle…My resolution each time is to make just terms with my pride and esteem; to make the ideal meanings with them. Draw due lines, Silence where I should, noise where I should, reciprocate where I should…but most of all realizing my true identity and character. So, whatever I do should give you a satisfying and peaceful impression of who I am.
But also to make you understand that my fears would be in nothing but only when my intimate relationship with God is compromised…I shall give all due respect to human kind though but I shall not compromise my principles of pride and esteem.  I hope to be the your best man.

so share with me the reactions of the heart in pleasure and pain, stories real and unreal, anecdotes of love and romance poetry and art, wisdom and humor while we still live

Follow Deliverance by Nsimamukama.  Your patience and criticisms are my desires.

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