Imagine to become

Think through imaginations


For us … who believe in what our eyes can see and believe only in the constitution of our bodies and what they can do, and, then we believe in what they cannot do.

Understandably, where our eyes won’t see a door, there, a very big wall stands, “It is impossible to proceed.

The senses that we cannot bear are indeed unbearable. The feelings of fantasy can only be, wishes can be precious or those pleasurable dreams in the night. Of course we quickly want to forget every time we are awake from our imaginations.

Unreasonable as they may, there’s barely no sense in them-only how crazy it is to keep them in our minds-but them funny and dubbed illusions­.

What would be wrong to think that our spiritual beings are left behind standing aloof every time we run away from our imaginations?

When we imagine, people call us crazy, young and naïve.

I would imagine, God imagined and created the universe. How many years did God have to take if he did not imagine to create the universe in its vast complexity?

There must have been a trascendendent existence of mind that can make anything possible.

Well then, let’s remember nonetheless God’s creation is by far in its own mighty!

However, we would still trust his own make in ourselves that whatsoever he thinketh in you is perhaps what your imaginations are beaconing.

Each of us tastes their imagination but we don’t like to trust if it might work out.


From the beginning, there was no such a thing as powerful as faith. Because faith is the mystery in which God lives.

No one knows what might have happened if God was not as supernatural as He is. But the least we can know of the many ways God could have wanted us close was to bestow faith so that through our imaginations, we can see what God is capable of.

If you often use the word “impossible”, that big wall would never turn into a door, or the least of your imaginations would remain so forever.

There is a way out of every concrete matter in your life. Don’t wait for your eyes to look for objects, facts, statistics or law

If Imaginations would shape my future, God is my witness.


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