What is it about your “besties”?

imagesIt shapes a much better reality to think that best friends are not chosen and that they chose themselves than thinking that in one way or the other attraction and biases bring us together.

Paradoxically,  Life is not full of chances!

Did you really think that some some people can like you more than others?

Or even, was it ever a wonder? Or perhaps is it a trivial phenomenon hidden in your preconscious mind!

May be whatever it is you hold true of your “besties” is something about so many reasons you never doubt the gifts of having them”

This is why you say; life is full of chances.

Or you are concretely holding it widely that anyone, any time would leap for your sumptuous box of chocolates, or envy your magical stance of life. 

That your immodest tone of imperfection is generally a gigantic pain where apparently no one would fall in love with it?

Paradoxically, great is it, friendships are founded far away from many among these notions.


And hey, the new and the old broom that seem to have had a fair share of love attest yet to another-like  story of unbiased choices

So I won’t agree to the question of preferences. May be its not about who’s better, who is new or who’s what…

Rather, it be a matter of reality and tell from your own fond experiences. For, you, could have learned to cherish among other gifts that of someone who has uniquely appreciated you.

on one hand…

Admittedly, you dint like everyone to have been your friend or you wouldn’t  have loved to remorse your purported foe who by any reason did not approve of your worth. Because you too believed-you really feel did not hate for what was unpleasant, neither did you like for what was pleasant.

Ultimately, consciously or unconsciously some people are more appealing to your choosing than others!

It’s more of an equation than a mere thought bytheway.

and then…

Those who have run after the sound of your luring attributes are equally intelligent as those who shun the spurs of your embarrassing weaknesses. So its an equal opportunity of planned choices and misfortunes.

on the other hand…

People who like us less, you might be suspicious are as good as a multitude of those sandwiching you and as well as harmless as doves. Like I did not sleep on it, surely you should. It might be true. But it occurs to you that some of them are wildly devoted to you, whether or not you have specially endeared yourself to them.

What are “besties” made of?

In itself, having so many friendships is invaluable indeed, however much we have our faith in it, having one that likes you more is another thing.

ordinarily defending that all of them would be of ideal measure is a beautiful thing but it seems like the one who likes you more comes uniquely to let you muster how it feels to be their favorite.

And today, you really make me feel that its was my chance.

and I am here to realize it sooner than later


….that to be liked more is a kind as much a chance as destiny. Those friends are rare.



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