About last night




China roses, flora’s secret, wild child, tea house, marbles halls, Caribbean blue-sang in Portuguese, French, English…-sound as sweet as they mention.


Where romance began in the Garden of Eden, when God was poised to bless Adam who had crossed his arm around Eve’s matching flora’s secret, Enya would sing her splendour of romance as the only voice in heaven! God was a priest, Adam was a king only because Eve was his queen and also because Enya was singing for the couple, in attendance, it was me……………best weddings!!!!!

My dream is over.


I wish to go back and take with you folks to bear me such a wonderful witness. And to be born with that conception of what a sumptuous blend of music and romance would taste for a wedding couple matching down the aisle.

Though I won’t feel wedding every time I play these songs but like any song whose rhythm and poetry I find fascinating would elicit emotions of love, tranquillity… which inevitably would take me to dream.

Tonight when I was sleeping, Enya was singing China roses as I curled my body in the warmth of the night.

She plunged me into peaceful slumber only to feel angels sandwiching my bed with slow sad sound of blues, poignant voices and symphonic orchestras for lullabies galore all my night.

Drowned in a deep ocean of fantasies, my thoughts all succumbed to its fine rhythm as I keep listening to her tender voice filtering in my ears.

In my sleep I can still hover my hand over the touch pad for the third time to rewind the song… I would maintain that powerful charisma pervading deep into my sleeping thoughts

And then later on I would dream like a baby.

I love Enya.

The ecstasy in that music is perhaps one of those elusive endowments God bestowed for the pleasure of my soul.

If not Enya, Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos-will deluge my night with the nostalgic spiritual angelic hymns of Gregorian Chanting.

I find a lot to enjoy in extraordinary sound of music though one thing for sure, I bet if I could have transcended the vast ordinary experiences of musical freaks.

Sometimes I will leave a collection shuffling one by one throughout the night or a one or two classic slow non-stops.


Music in sleep is like a sound track in a movie

For those by any chance your ears open at dawn, slow, tender and low music is the best feeling of night.


And whereas the movie stars to whom my reverence escapes in the day, it returns in my dreams in the night sleep. It’s me playing my favourite role. Ha!

The last time I played Whitney collection, it dawned on me that she should have been my favourite every night and yet there was Adele (but this is the same feeling that I get most of the time. All these tracks make me at least feel a Liam Hemsworth in a moment.

Every song is a good song anyway. It depends on the circumstances

Ideally, no music is bad music although it will not kill to concede that the last time you played, I found you listening to “bad music”

Well, this time we should agree and I tell you some truth. Good music is as hard to find as to know but still agreeably a food of the soul.















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