The magical spree of SIPI

img_0069It wasn’t until a savagely fierce storm blew its mist to the back of my body that I felt exorcism of divine healing.

I needn’t more than just a little and cheap retreat to the strange destination to dispel my evil me and hoping to bring back with me my little soul.

Today was my vengeance to the evil one. To make them feel completely unworthy-to make me feel smarter and wiser than their cartel. For, derailing the path of a wandering innocent soul wasn’t a feat to pass unchallenged, more so unforgotten.

I looked up the towering rock-90metres or so and a tough relentless fall of nature storming over, down into the stones, there was I afraid of life

img_0031So terrifying -the wild sound of horror that compromised my flamboyant demeanour

And while then in the feel of extreme cold, I felt my spirit running away and I could muster unconsciously a strange spirit of renewal. For I knew the old yesterday was gradually sinking irrevocably deep under my feet.

Then again I fell in silence pondering in the sound of the streaming falls.

Today, I was walking in the world of terror. I saw the fury of the wild. The yelling waters and the giant stones. The empty rocks that never breed a green plant. The silent weeds that never wither.

And I was afraid. Of course I was

Yet they made me feel unscathed among them. I stood tall above them and some short below them. So honoured at least

I walked and combed through them, touched them and they made me feel a master of my ego.

Today I fell not only for the falling waters

But also for the fact that I can subdue and yet indeed conceding its invincible magic of existence


When I stood still and helpless down at the furious sound of the trampling falls, I dint see my power. I didn’t see my strength either and only did I need to know who I was to the earth and more so who I was to God.

But I felt a tinge of petty for my own soul to imagine my entire life in the measure of a grain of pollen waiting to be displaced desperately by a passing air.

And I heard “the long time traveller of the Wailing Jenny’s” resound in my ears.

I was scared for a while, but more was I immensely humbled. I have to be inspired only if I get scared of strange things

And then I saw someone like me emerging in the centre of the rainbow and a few angels yelling the mighty power of the Sipi falls.

Today, I came out of this water wishing to go back every weekend

                                                               But one thing,

 I won’t climb those ladders again.

And where else in the world did I meet such a generous day!

Finding new life in the terrain and their plants, in the waters and their stones.

And looking for love in the roses and butterflies.


Little wonder, these little souls have loved just as much.

 And remembering, once back then, I was just like him, adorned with all this sweet demeanour

Evoking the rich nostalgia that too I attribute my visit to Sipi.

Altogether makes my trip worthwhile. Sincerely unforgettable!

IMG_0309.JPGThis flower and many other ones 

I saw them, I keep reminding myself that fashion is as infinite as nature and too in much the same way as art

Inheriting thus far the similar virtues of creative non-fiction.

My inspiration is then coming from deep in the silence of life and far away from where I drink Guinness.

I won’t give up the flare for my poems then, neither the spirit of my art for as long as my eyes will see the red petals sprouting out in the green of the fine green.



 IMG_0243.JPGThe fairy-tale of love has never ceased to be.

To some, it remains hidden in its mystery and unseen forever. But nature knows it in depth and beckons us unselfishly.

Where in the world it never were, its wealth abound in the trees, shrubs and woods of the jungle is a wonder to reckon with.

And by the way, love is only mutual and then, it will naturally infiltrate you with its pleasure, so short-lived, absurdly just as orgasm. 

Sipi falls is a not a big land with strange topography. It simply will charm you with its magical falling storm

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