Tender, bright and green




I have been wandering

Looking for everything

And my heart stolen

My beauty


and power

Where is my soul?



In the midst of indigenous colour

 And natural aroma

Let me thrust my eyelids

See the wisdom of young birds

Fine architecture that dwells the sparrow

and i will find my soul


The message of cranes that flock together

Of towering anthills

Of rivers that never cease to flow

 The green leaves that light the colour of peace

Of a country

And i will find my soul




In the shadow of them

I look brighter than ever!

Look at me!


Under the light that filters from the green

And fresh odour of meatless flesh

Deep down in the green

And I will find my soul


 Red roses-fleckless. Abound

A décor sandwiching my skin

With a tender lotion on the tip of my nose

I breathe nothing but them

Of natural and contagious fragrance

And I will find my soul




Magic and power of love. I feel

Look at me!

I am in love for the first time

I am.

That love that is painful!

That I won’t let go

And I will find my soul


And let me be

And let my hair blow away by air

For I give in to thy gentleness of quiet and fury

Winds that wave the coolest air

 The pride I seek is here

Flatter of the wild sounds

Seduces me, and whole at last

To the bottom of my ego

And I will find my soul



Thorns of painful ends

But alas! Of compassion of

 Harmless stings!

Iam plunging in the virtues

 Of the distant allies


Sipi falls Kapchorwa, Uganda


Mystery of nature!


And I will find my soul



Where is it?

The agony of yesterday

That that I came with

The sorrowful half of me. Dwindling

The painful past. Dwindling

Today I see the evil one. Dwindling

And yet at once I feel freedom

As though a divine touch

At last I feel new again

And I will find my soul


No memories but thoughts


Thinking nothing but long stares

Nowhere but every where

A bubble of mist dropping under a leaf

A bee throbbing the petal of a bud

A chameleon camouflaging onto the green aloe Vera

Or a nest sagging on a fig

And the other on a grey stalk

And I will find my soul




Hearing nothing but everything

I wish to sound with them

A barrage of alien noises

The birds of the air

The gentle whizzing of canopies

The rush of white, canning falls

And peaceful air above my shoulder

And I will find my soul



Why did I hate a termite?

Or the sound of falling rain?

Or the bite of a stinging bee?

But I hate the sound

Of a hovering mosquito

I hate myself for not being me

But I found a rose today

Tender, bright and green

Peaceful, harmless and compassionate

My soul is here

……………………When I crossed past the towns, houses and people, I felt my loneliness and lost in the world until I found myself breathing the air of the red rose and listening to the music of birds in the trees. And then I turned and saw a tuft of spines on my shoulder, and a fleet of ants crossing over my foot. Without feeling haunted, I found myself freed from the agony of my world in a home alienated far away from the human genome….and then my love for the wild nature became natural and true.

Visit those falls, woods, and jungles, you will find your soul

Those beautiful pictures, I found them on my camera after a friend had visited Sipi falls in Kapchorwa Uganda. Their originality inspired me so immensely that I wrote this poem. As a lover of  nature, this is what I never let go.



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