Data center

The you noisy man, quiet places or generally a quiet environment does not do well with your ways of keeping your mind cool. What do you do in the event that your mouth is itching badly? We know you are restless until you make terms with your mouth. So you have to make yourself okay, find a suitable space where  you will vent your verbal pillage. Like a bar? Or you can sit outside in the balcony.

But hey, your office has no a balcony and yet you can’t be in a bar either.

On the other hand, quiet places are so appealing to those that are averse to noisy places.


So the quiet man finds a cool environment where they can empty their minds and replenish with fresh thoughts. Can they be in a cafe?  Or can they sit out in the courtyard?

But hey, his office has no a cafe. He wont be out in the sun either.

If you are an employer seeking to meet the atmospheric needs of your nagging employees, it is worth worrying because noise and silence are by far indifferent. Having space for each individual is surely the ideal.

As a matter of fact, noise the noise makers make is a barrage of genres of conversations; You know, some noise may be constructive or non-constructive; official business, politics, family affairs, gossip, sports etc.

And you also know captivating they are-for those that discern the humour in there, however too often can be the most irritating for other people-without forgetting.

There are some offices in the world which will amaze you like the one am about to tell you.

Data center.

It’s a hot sunny morning, a fieriness of heat coupled with a hot cup of tea is the ambiance of the room. The windows are wide open and a cool air let in. At this time, the officials are arriving for their routine, and that also means all the seats are yet to be occupied. And while in this office the hapless officials are familiar with a displacement method of seating and ably will work while standing. One day can be the same as the other, or sometimes different.

Its funny. Isn’t it?

But one thing; if the honour of working from an elegant office is anything to go by, many like I who have shared the plight of the contrary, would not have outfitted ourselves in fancy ties and office suits heading to sit in that office.

I think apart from these men and women truly exhibiting such descent virtues of patience and resilience, the effervescence that beamed that office every day filled us with a jovial spirit that kept us sitting there day by day.

“Data center” was a small alienated office in the compound of the large hospital. In here accommodated a number of high profile officials together with other calibers of staffs.  Those that have not only sat together, but also shared every message that comes by talk.

An office where the blockades separated each ones working space, secured individual property, generally a semblance of privacy but  kept only eyes from seeing each other.

Ouch! The words, the whispers that leaped over from one desk to to another surely did not accede to any privacy. The conversations that went on on, were luring every ear that rests on every head. The  entertainers too made sure they spoke loud so that that their stories are heard.

There was no worry to care about where to take the noise. Everything that needed to be said found its space already in Data center. It did not matter to anyone to distinguish an appropriate story or not so long as we knew there had always to be a gentle noise that soothed our fatigue whenever we sat in there.

 No man, no woman, no young, no old. It was a story for everyone.

The beauty of Data centre was that the tone of the story and the story tellers turned every head and kept the ear standing at end. Interestingly, after those of whom the humour pleased utterly, it had consumed the attention of the very that dint like it.

At the end of the story, all found ourselves blended in its amusements.

There barely was a finger that pointed sharply at one another. Every day we were emotionally nourished with the humour of our daily grind. I think everyone would put up with the rumours, the gossip, and all the told anecdotes coming from our gallant entertainers.

Data center created those that made noise and those that were willing to accommodate it. Fitted all of us with a common feather that saw us flock together.

As we left Data center, albeit being long over due, there is a lot that did not come with us. I am pretty sure my colleagues will have beautiful nostalgia on recall of the moments we sat in the there.

The beautiful stories are no more.

Data center and The fun that we shared in there is one great brick that builds the rim of our foundation. (BUFHS)



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