Fulfilling and fetching more wisdom

Fulfilling and fetching more wisdom

The book I am currently moving around with is “healing of an angry heart, finding solace in a hostile world” by Cardwell C. Nackols and Bill Chickering. I bought it slightly above a US dollar; that is approximately 5000 Ugandan Shillings.

The title probably has that glaring yet a hint on anger. So you might suggest I have been selectively engaged in the issues of anger. Well, I just stumbled on a book among a collection of deserted high street merchandise.

It dint strike my eye either, but after combing through out, I finally had no alternative but opting for one with such a title.

When I read the prologue and the introduction of this book, it dawned on me of the choice that wasn’t a choice! To think that I picked this book without a choice, is fascinating.

I thought I could go back and perhaps make a meaningful purchase of this book! 5000/= wasn’t worth it.

I am talking like someone infers that I am now an anger expert of sort. Oh no! I am talking like someone should understand there was a lot of interesting wisdom about anger.

These men have not written about their personal experiences about anger, they have written down people’s experiences with anger and what they have done with it (anger) and them (experiences).

One thing I can affirm to any one is that; it is incredibly interesting to learn especially something about a very ordinary experience which you think is too obvious to understand.

Anger is everyone’s ordinary experience which we understand without thinking of anything more than it and that’s where the problem is.

We think there is little to think about anger (rage, resentment, revenge…) Thinking broadly about anger seems something meaningless when its components are obviously part and parcel of our daily life.

And this is the reason why it easy to accept atrocities of anger in our lives, families communities and country.

If we knew anger in its broad sense, we would know what to do with it. This books goes ahead to create an agreeably positive sense of anger. Constructing virtues out of anger.

How do we fulfill and how do we fetch more wisdom in life?

This is what we should do. And let it be my/your second resolution this year. Go to the streets and find a very expensive book at 5000, you may only buy it as cheap as that but never call it a cheap book.

We might fetch wisdom practice it and fulfill it.




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