where is my graduation song? To you Melisa


Its a pleasure to grace your unprecedented moment of success Melisa. I would love to witness your smile of joy and a family union for an enviable, noble cause.

Iam sincerely grateful for the beaming candle that you have to pinnacle at the peak of your struggle.

you remember your patience in the midst of your trials and tribulations, your gifts of social demeanor, the ever living and promiscuous smile, your tender serene of integrity, your little and silent stints of prayer.

May be, you could hardly have maneuvered the quagmire of your academic path without a bedrock of such integrity.

Today, in the dusking skies, when you shall pick a knife, you will cut not a cake, but through the dimensions of it till a share of every friend. The hands will applaud, the noise of joy will fill the air above your house.

A silent voice, though, will not speak. It will filter from the voices above to deep through your whole and echo a praise of success.

I watched when i sneaked my eye through your reading room.

I saw your eye engrossed on a white reflection under the lamp. There was like a hand fixed on a white paper scribbling with a terrible movement.

it wasn’t a hand fixed on a white paper. It was a piece of flesh tearing away from the hand, her fingers inflicted with tremor and rigidity of muscle.

and the blood vessels dilated to the surface of the skin, her body dwindled to the weight of a desperate scholar.

May be it would it would never have been for the beaming smiles on today’s faces if she had circumvented the pain.

Melly…as you ascend from the tunnel, let the light of the earth gratify your aspirations, mend the wounds of darkness and lead your way of destiny.

here is your graduation song






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