“Tantum Ergo sacramento…”


This is my holy day. This is the moment. It is my night at Gethsemane.

the night that I will sweat the blood of devotion

That the mighty hand of God will touch me. This is the hour that the lord shall postpone my agony

“Tantum Ergo sacramento…” I sing along.

Seated among the thirsty souls,yearning for the hand of God.
Attention. Of obedient, unwavering and of humble bodies.

The silence. Of peace, devotion. Awaiting bestowing of a blessing.

At the altar, my eyes will blink with hesitation.
While my mouth shall sing and praise in silence.

My ears are kind to noise, and the obstruction my eyes will see, not of earth. I have lost my humanity for a moment.
My body is naked and empty. Ready

To see the unseen God but not with the eyes. A feeling only it is. Now that I know he wants it to be this way.
That the obstinate eyes of greed and lust will not see the divine image of the most righteous God. Let him be just a feeling. I will not rumble.
Here I lay. I subject my knees to the coarseness of the ground. I will let my palms together. My eyes will shut until I see him.
Let me grapple with my feelings of doubt as sanity will trample over my uncertainties and then I know, I will see him.

When my eyes close, I see a mighty hand just about to pat my shoulder
He is right there, standing luminously above. He will grasp my hand to lead me through this tunnel with a glimmer of light at the end. I feel it and you know everyone else has felt the same.
Why does this man make me feel like this?
I am humbled. I have become so loyal and submissive. I am at my very best, honest to myself, and a stream of sympathy flows to avert my weaknesses. And in me, I am forgiven and forgiveness that strings to the next one, and to all of them that I have offended.
The inspiration in me beams like orchid blooms. I am jolly, feeling a different of me. This feeling so profound and unusual and good that I love be it forever…
I implore the heavenly father. The favours I need are too many; of fortune, of triumph, of prosperity, of forgiveness and love…asking one after the other.

If angels have brought for me, they are standing aloof but wishfully, awaiting my plea. The package they carry with them, I know I will take it away.
My eyes open. The priest, wearing a humeral veil over his shoulders and hands, will raise the Monstrance above his eyes. I see him with purity.
The monstrance is placed on the Altar, which is adorned by six blessed candles. He will bless the Sacrament with incense, and O Salutaris Hostia is sung.

O Salutaris” and “Tantum Ergo,” two of the greatest Eucharistic hymns, were both written by St. Thomas Aquinas)


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