Cathy’s smile

 Its not a theory that a smiling woman would make me feel how special I am


There is a glimmer of white dental lining that beams through two red plump lips.

The whispers to my ears, as though it’s only mine, a smooth, gentle hand creeps around my shoulder, I wait to hear. ” Mathew. Good bye. It was nice meeting you.” am not aware I am smiling to someone” She smiles again.

The day is deluged with an obsession of her images, the night am sure awaits that I slumber in thoughts of her charming smile. And I hope am not about to lay off this infatuation. It will still linger in my memory for the next few days.

I met her in bus en-route to Jinja. She was combing along the stretch of the bus when she paused in perplexity as she figured out where to sit. In my eyes, it was more likely that she would eventually zero in on my line of seat than being far away from the driver’s vicinity.  (Its normally a strategicseat-you can travel while enjoying a wide coverage of scenes). So I was just waiting that she makes up her mind to be my immediate neighbor. In fact, it was itching me to make a humbling gesture that I was dying if she dared sit away.

I would never imagine having such bad luck, envy and “everlasting” torment of seeing Cathy in amusement of another man for the next hours of our journey.

Cathy is a small girl, of 20 or thereabouts, of beautiful, enviable attributes, of sophisticated poise, of a charming and  truly feminine demeanor.  I subtly struggled to capture clearly her face though Igreat-smile (2) could not bring it out entirely since her forehead, the neck and the entire margin of the face was concealed in her hair-an array of beautiful, dark hair resting on the back of her shoulders. 

She did not smell a strange perfume though but generally she was smelling sexy.                                    I hate shaking hands but that day it was nothing to go by. I craved for a chance to get how soft and tender her palms would feel. I never had that chance. Nonetheless, from a point, at least my eyes could keep peeping at her long finger nails painted with a shining rouge color.

She did not say anything to me but I hoped may be later she would. I reached to my headsets, covered my ears and constructed a semblance of a peaceful silence.

Well, it wasn’t peaceful. I was only worried that for the first time I traveled, Jinja could be the shortest distance. So Am poised to break the silence. But how? I would wait if perhaps upon a hump of sorts, I could then rant something. Obviously at that time all the good questions will disappear and only such as ” Do you like humps?”  are the quickest to arrive on the mouth. Cathy would be silent not because I imagined she might be cunning but as long as I could figure out the right question to break the ice. It was high time that I was not responsible for the silence.

I was beginning to question my popular antics before I swung low my headsets. I wanted her to know that I have taken the headsets off my head.  This time I was earnest and since I trust that I am not this kind that will let go of such purported charming ladies,

Here I go.  “Hello, Am Mathew. Nice meeting you” blah, blah, blah….

Cathy’s reply was anchored by one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. She spoke with such a seductive rhythm that would plunge me a daunting space to keep me worried about my next conversation. So i kept numb, but while in my silence I was grappling with a scary amount of words until i deemed them fit for such a charming girl.

I started my conversation and I never looked back. I touched Cathy,s hands I felt how I desired to feel, I touched her hair I felt how I wanted to feel, but one thing, I saw her smile and desired how I never felt. I desired to feel enough looking at Cathy’s smile. I am not yet gone over it.


The dreams I have not had in a long time come tonight. Its a beautiful dream when i see her there, seated right next to me.

Her smile does beyond the loving, graceful and humble face. I see from it coming a beautiful message that is filtering inside of me. She is giving me a beautiful reason to write a story today.

She smiles and for sure, a soft fond rhythm passes all over my body and I will feel her message that shes willing to get me charmed by her heart.

So spontaneous with barely a reason to feign it. Its so magical in my eyes that makes a real difference and deeply influences how I regard it. And I will denounce it. Its so real!

Her smile lies to me about her. Her flaws have been veiled while flaunting her innocence. I have been blinded by the glamour of a smiling face that I no longer recognize the errors of her words.

Its not a theory that a smiling woman would make me feel how special I am.

Uttermost praise I sing among all the unsung gifts of life.
It’s the only obsession that never grows old.
Her smile gets me think that her shrewd face will be concealed forever.

That gentle smile, makes me feel like you are holding my hand and saving me from rage.
Sailing me across, and wandering away from resentful and vengeful waves .

You steal from me the afflictions, the pain of my soul and cast them away.

You broach on my failure to smile, but grant me a conviction to -of which I make a humble offertory.

Your smile is a silent voice that tells me how worthy of you I am. How freely you open your world for me. To see what I desire.

That smiling face awakens me from bondage of despair, and gives me redemption that soothes the pain of my loneliness.

Upon your smile, your happiness rises at dawn above the distant mountains and sets on the other side when you wave to me a good bye.

When I see you smile, your sweet charm of vitality fills my whole and seals the crevices of my crumbled shell of yesterday.
I feel myself whole again and a peaceful aura defies my urges of silence and envy.

Whenever you smile, your soul is exalted in me. I see your eyes rejoicing. I see your teeth shinning more and more and your jaws spanning to a taste of times.

If you knew what your smile made me…


I hope you like a tale of a beautiful smile. Follow more stories on Deliverance


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