Remember, our discussion is generally an overview, though we could have mastered the basic concepts in the study of tissues.

Remember, our discussion is primarily diagrammatic illustrated. We could easily breakdown the complexity of histological sections first by learning from diagrammatic representations of these sections.

For instance diagrams can assume presence of all features typical to a tissue and provide elaborate labelling. This helps you understand a tissue prior to the actual histological section.

Remember, practicing how to sketch these diagrams will help you understand the various constituent features of the tissue and while you enrich your visual paintings, it will be easier for you to learn various cell types when you have captured how to relate shapes with respect to tissues.

E.g. shapes of “signet ring, cuboidal, goblet, columnar” once drawn and related to the respective tissues, will hardly be forgotten.

Remember, Remember that histology relates very much with the anatomy and physiology of the organ. Therefore you will need to know that your knowledge in these and other areas will always help you to relate the adaptability features to location and function of a particular tissue.

E.g. knowing that the ear is anatomically distensible helps you deduce that the histological section of elastic cartilage is peculiar to the ear.

Remember also, For example knowing that the epithelium of the mouth or vagina are occasionary tearing off due to rubbing, helps you deduce that stratified epithelium will be peculiar to this environment.

Remember also that this knowledge will enable you determine the presence of features of a tissue especially those that you are histologically unsure of, and yet you are theoretically aware of.

For example I may sketch and label the features including those I have not seen, owing to the assumption that the features are there but I have not known to identify them.

Remember, it is important to typify, group or classify accordingly.

E.g. it would be incorrect to name a tissue section showing a neuron a nervous tissue…


download overview here…tissues1st year histology


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