Basic Histological Techniques-Histology

Our session was as though virtual learning, which I am sure It would make us reap almost as much as any practical session. I hope we understood each other. Before you download the presentation herein I would like us to appreciate the indispensable tool in histology.


rotary microtome

Please locate the the cassette or tissue block, identify the handle, the chuck, etc

• Fixation
• Dehydration
• Clearing
• Infiltration

That the procedures above can be automated using the tissue processor.

tissue processor

automatic tissue processor

You have known that all the procedures we have talked about above are actually leading to the major procedure of embedding.
Given that the embedding medium-paraffin wax is immiscible with water.

Also note.

Whereas they use a concentric tube to mold a candle, we shall use histology tissue base mold reusable.


histology tissue base mold reusable

Please note the process of mounting the ribbons on the slide using the water bath. They are too light and fragile to be supported in a medium that that makes it easier to mount the ribbon sections onto the slide


Don’t forget that we shall need an oven for fixation and above all during the process of melting the paraffin wax

imagesNow you can download-click the link basic histological techniques


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