The latter Environment


IMG_9107From the former environment, the beginning is a battle of emotions and the new one. Initially, you are laden with worries and fears, threatened and intimidated by the wave of the new wind.

As you grapple with the strains of the new forces, you are yet to discover that there exists a tougher life than you have known. The mind-set while not yet unruffled in its old shell, renders you vulnerably sensitive to external touch.

This is not an easy time for you. That time when a wind blows over-head and your fragile life is shaken. How many times does that wind blow?  And how much debris that flies along blows close to scratch your fragile dwelling shell? That is how much you are tortured in a day?

“As for me-the hapless I, I dread to think of the comfort of those that dwell in hard shells-who walk freely, run swiftly and bounce on gravel without feeling injured! How can I think that it is well with them to have lived nurtured in such (crude) ingredients? How can I not trust that the rigidity of my body and spirit is only natural and sweet in its own way even though just a light wind that blows plunges me in fear?”

Meanwhile, it’s been like ranting and raving and so perpetual that you are beginning to worry if you might be ridiculed with a special brand of lifestyle. But of course you need your friends to believe who you are. To know that you are slithering with tender feet on a rough road in fear by cause of nature. Nature has disfavored who you are by virtue of living who you are.

Considering that you might not contend the the tension that awaits every thorn poised to prick your sensitive body, you begin to learn to appreciate the path abound in pricky shrubs. You have to walk in there and only patience will keep you unscathed.

Nonetheless, appreciation and patience will not allay your fears, but mask the peculiar norms in the eyes of your truly humble virtues. The feelings that hurt, are those that you owe loyalty-those that make you feel like you are cheating your own conscience, those that make you feel indebted for forsaking your own true identity. What would you do to be loyal to your true identity-What would you do listen to listen to your heart at the same time when you are supposed to listen to someones else’s? It is perhaps only natural that you might attempt to resist that your moral integrity be not compromised.That even in the light of appreciation and patience, you might not submit to their errors.

You care to protect who you are even though a midst a dominant trait. You believe, or you vehemently believe that there is no such an obstacle that will conceal you from knowing who the real you are.

When you notice a fault in someone or in a situation, your consciousness is alert, you are very critical to notice. Such a spontaneous shift of mind nests in your imagination what and how, a situation should have presented. You are visualizing a better way someone could have received, talked, or served you.

The real you swings in. If you trust it, it will not ramble, boast, ridicule or challenge any bit of the “victim’s” fault. And because you know that some of these intellectual and social flaws albeit in the eyes of everyone else might only be a perception of your mind. Then, it is wiser to think that, you will not try to change who someone is or what they do than choosing to surpass their intelligence.

But even better choose to bare  the challenges as you work constantly out to come to terms while you consider them things you cannot change.

You believe that adapting to the latter environment will only require you to adjust orientation and change of directions; but not configure your self for the rough terrain-to work to harden your shell against the rage of wind or to strive to toughen your feet so as to walk the path of thorns.

If you walk there, it may be your first encounter to put your conscience to taste. It feels like no one else dreads to walk in there but you. But perhaps the pain you feel in there, is the difference that defines who you are.

The bottom line: If you ever shun or you may circumvent a moment of trial, you are keeping yourself away from discovering who you might have been.


Many are born and live without knowing who their true selves are.They live devoid of their acquired spiritual, intellectual and at times physical endowments and Some times they will miss out the joy and pride of these enviable endowments. To live without knowing who you are is is like to live without knowing that you lack a gift of being who you are. Discovering who people are is not an expedition,  its like an opportunity that helps discover who you are; to know about gifts and  flaunt them, to know about flaws and challenge them.

As you read up on the sense in this article, think about being out from the comfort of your confines and leap for chances to broaden horizons of your intimate life. Don’t scorn at different people and their environment and trust but wait to change who you are to fit like them. DSC01227


  This piece is still in the editing room.

The author’s views are neither based on fiction nor are they pointing at any existing environment.

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