Faith is power

Following your conscience is practicing your faith.

What is your definition of faith? You should probably find a few examples when this word comes in your sentence and too, bearing the enthusiasm to run down a length of a word man-praying-in-fieldthat deepens with such bottom of understanding. In my opinion, the meaning of faith may lack its due identity-real definition-when there is no clear understanding. (Understanding can be defined by experience) Holding onto lifeless beliefs, all thoughts dwelling in hope and waiting for nothing but fortune.
To call it a mysterious power that you garner within yourself to turn beliefs into reality is perhaps synonymous to a divine power. That, that dispels the force of prohibitions and bolsters your energy of bearing an unwavering belief, a belief that wont be defied by any circumstance is surely a force that can not be underestimated . You remember all those stories that carry that message of faith. They were real testimonies that changed peoples lives and until now they are transforming mankind through believing. But here today, I am possessing my spiritual armor of conscience and wanting to practice my faith. Something tells me that a mind of faith is a power that leads you to follow your conscience.

That if you follow your conscience, you are apt to being in the proper side of literally everything/ decision that comes your way-save for the fact that these proper sides would be varied with different opinions.

That following our conscience is a holy battle for our spiritual needs and may not necessarily favor our human greed for material property. It fights to gets us a piece of mind-the most indispensable food for the soul nonetheless, we are not matching to the best interests our conscience fends for us. You would bear me witnesses that the decisions based on our conscience are the ideal ones and because they are spiritually fetched beautifully define our righteousness. At times when they (decisions) try to shape who to be, we defy but better still we are aware that we have circumvented the path of truth.


This is so painful!

Unfortunately we (the children of earth) have found this a better way to live as we opt for the sweetness of the dark. But who wants to be righteous?  So then, we shall cut the tree and eat the oranges and the truth anywhere along being an impediment towards our satisfaction. Because it is easier to cut the tree than enduring the pain of climbing figs and thorns and yet the ripe fruit is just for us.


What happens when you do something right at the expense of someone’s self-centred interest is a disaster! It’s really unfortunate that doing the right thing comes at a cost and may be you will have to endure some pain! The pain of humiliation and framed identity. This is so painful. But who wants to be virtuous in the eyes of sinners? Who wants to practice their faith? Who wants to follow their conscience? Who wants to bask in the light of truth?

But these people are strong. I like them. I truly envy who they are. They trust and I trust who they are because I know and they know they are correct. I sincerely admire their faith and everything they do with it. I silently bestow my blessing upon their effort and struggle for anything that transgresses justice…  and every day I do that. And every day I am immensely inspired by their courage to manifest their honesty in any aspect of their trial.

(Tears…I think am crying)

I have seen the world from so many angles but it is difficult to look at it from the right one. What’s wrong with us? Like there is always a better angle than the right one! The better angles have lured everyone to the attention of their own and the right ones have been deserted for the few who garner the faith to follow their conscience.

The eyes know the truth  

The intent of the righteous mind is only to generate an ideal manifestation of your thoughts, something so believably undisputed and bona-fide in a way you are compelled to maintain your enthusiasm.
I believe everyone gets this feeling.

Of desiring to speak the truth, wanting to see the truth, doing what you believe in and act the faith that you know. Though such confidence is frustrated when wavered by the tendencies of dominance-wanting to obey the law, wanting to obey the rites, norms, culture, common knowledge, ideals, principles and philosophies. 

I have not stopped to believe that faith just like creative writing is an art. It has no rules. That whatever you do in the will of conscience is right on its own whatsoever.

When you deliver that expression, there is that only way that satisfies your feelings. In your own understanding that your message is out-right -you believe it won’t bather how it is delivered and therefore, devoid of the perceptions of the recipient. You can only think to position yourself more comfortably and flaunt your courage. Talking about the truth is bolstered by a force that is always manifested with a kind of beautiful agression-the ability to stand by your decision/opinion/demeanour unshaken-which is sometimes passed for arrogance, pride or flamboyancy.
And these attributes, of which I have not dared to liken to the wrong people, I keep relating them to enviable qualities born of the power of being so right. Yes If I am really a little virtuous, I am honoured and strengthened inwardly by the grace of God and the energy there is shapes my way of walking and talking…

Well, all said, and by now I am wondering if I have the heart to approve of the idealism of the righteous men. Still wondering too if my faith will be there to approve of the sanctity of those men that are willing to change society by these Godly virtues.Men of Power Logo

I have been thinking that the beauty of society thrives on the ideals of righteous men. The men who do not hesitate to put their conscience to test. Those for whom in pursuance of trust to benefit beyond their personal, their identity is scorned and battered. They could have lived and left a legacy that leaves little admired but their hearts are pure in everyone’s heart. And most of all they are the gifts of God to society.

I can shade a tear upon a story in a book, in a movie or in real life, when such a man has been marginalized, tortured, scorned or persecuted-when their beauty has been devalued.

Another emotional tear will drop down when their power remains unscathed. When their ideals fortify who they are, speak with vigour and will be honourably listened to. Their ideas will sprout in every man’s garden of life.

Let us bear each other’s witnesses, to remember that God’s design is arrayed, in such a way, where two or more, three or more are gathered there’s one righteous man either in the middle or at the edge, one whose daring conscience gives forth the command to save the rest. That in the midst of intimidation and battered identity, he still holds onto his faith.

I believe that it may be hundreds of thousands of evil men needed to destroy the world but the power of one righteous man can save the world. I believe that following your conscience is practicing your faith and your faith is the power that will lift the mountains. That has built and will build the peace of the nations of generations to come.


I have just woken up and am thinking…

This piece could be categorized by any literary guru, but when you are required to think, don’t over think, it is easier to imagine you have the concept at hand and waiting to understand the message.






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